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"So...who are you?"
Great question.

Persimmons is an annual literary magazine and irregular blog that publishes and amplifies experimental student-created literature, art, criticism, and theory. Magazines are available at the end of each semester, while submissions (for the blog and magazine) are evaluated throughout the semester in weekly staff meetings. Magazine and website articles are free for anyone on campus, and meetings are free to attend by anyone and everyone.

“Phooey, I say, on all white-shoe college boys who edit their campus literary magazines. Give me an honest con man any day.”
--- J.D. Salinger

Lucas Dunst

{Editor in Chief}


I’m a Senior Philosophy and English Double major from a suburb of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (the home state of the Arthur I know), and I’ve been enthusiastically involved with Persimmons for my entire stay at Kenyon. I love all things throbbing, oozing, gaping, and membranous, especially when rendered in claymation. Major fan of maximalism. Really enjoy the early 2000s internet aesthetic. Oh and I really like ants.

Katie Turk



I’m a sophomore English and Classics double major from Philadelphia. My favorite past times are looking up the etymologies of random words, watching the X-files, the OED, and browsing Chalmer’s stacks. I love reading and some of my favorites are the Bacchae, anything by Elena Ferrante or Virginia Woolf, Milkman by Anna Burns, and really anything about fucked up female friendships.

Nora Archer



Sophomore double majoring in International Studies and German. I'm from Brooklyn, New York but my accent talents are wide-ranging. When not soaking in academia, I'm part of the Kenyon Cheerleading Team. Favorite book is All The Light We Cannot See, favorite pastime is solitary walks in the woods. You may find me trying to memorize every country in the world or training to run away and join the circus. Contortion in progress, juggling balls flying.

Andreas Chenvainu



I’m a Junior English and Sociology Double Major from New Jersey. A big fan of retrofuturist aesthetics, speculative fiction, and sometimes hats. I can often be found compulsively trawling the internet for the history-related facts, or just rambling. Rambling is more likely. My favorite author-who-is-dead is Dostoyevsky, and my favorite author-who-is-alive is Neil Gaiman. I think geese are lowkey neat but they make bad pets.

Lily Leone



I’m a Sophomore planning to major in English, concentrating in creative writing, and will figure out the rest of my path as I go along. I’m from Sausalito, CA, and I love celestial imagery, eccentric earrings, and winged eyeliner. I am enthralled by the poems of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, although I am a far too big fan of commas to truly embrace his style. A (technically) multi-instrumentalist, I love playing piano or guitar a little too aggressively and singing, which you might hear in Rosse on any given day. I have yet to foray into being a full-time space witch, but I might get there one day. I like writing cute little poems about the natural world, explorations of womanhood, and horror comedy, or a little bit of all of them. I love the fog I left back in San Francisco and the big, fluffy clouds of Ohio and walking up the hill from Lowry as it snows. 


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